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Transforming the Landscape: Ten Major Development Projects Reshaping Santa Barbara

In an article by Erik Torkells of Siteline, titled “The 10 Major New Developments Set to Reshape Santa Barbara,” the author discusses the ten significant upcoming projects in the Santa Barbara area.

The first is a new retail center called The Post, being developed by Runyon, which includes many shops, two restaurants, and two smaller food and beverage outlets. Runyon is also working on a new complex called Platform, which will include independent boutiques and local chef/restaurateurs. The second project is the Garden Street Hotel, which is facing delays due to concerns about employee housing, and the developers will return to the commission in 60 days.

The third project, SOMOfunk, is a mixed-use development spearheaded by Neil Dipaola that will include 155 apartments and 18,000 square feet of commercial space. The fourth project is the 35 Anacapa Street, a mixed-use development in the Funk Zone that includes two small hotels and commercial services. The fifth project, the Santa Barbara Waterfront Hotel, will be a 86-room resort designed by local architect Robert C. Glazier. The sixth project, 410 State Street, is currently under construction and involves retaining and modifying an existing building, merging three parcels, and constructing an 84-unit, four-story Priority Housing project over the east parking lot. The seventh and final project is the 710 State Street Hotel, which will replace a parking lot and provide 100 hotel rooms.

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